Shot by Joseph Villarreal (@jojovillarreal)
Modeled by (@whoisblanket)
FALL 2018
Shot & styled by Joseph Villarreal (@jojovillarreal)
Modeled by Malik Burgers (@papaburgers)

Photos: @joeblaske
Modeled by : @wannabeken
Summer 2017 was inspired by some of music's most iconic artists, who were known for revolutionizing their respective cultures through their work. This collection goes beyond the music. If you know the story and legacy of Sublime and DMX, then you know how the shirts connect in this collection.  If you don't know, learn the game, playa. This collection features graphics that pays homage to Sublime (Song: Badfish), Eric B. & Rakim (Song: I Ain't No Joke), DMX ( Album: Grand Champ). 
Lick Mob x Kingship
IG:@JoeBlaske @xoxohadas @AlxeCrzu
Featured : @malikburgers @youngrobstone @flat_bar
"Lick Mob is freedom. Anyone who is free and knows, and wants to spread truth is Lick Mob. People I look up to, people that may look up to me. Lick Mob isn't really like a team or a group. I want to make it more of a feeling in the best way that I can. I don't want people to be afraid of their emotions. Everyone has em, don't act like you don't. 
People haven't seen much of Lick Mob yet, but it has been creeping up more and more recently and it's almost time to unfold."
- Malik Burgers
With this collection we decided to pay homage to the great Quasimoto.